Get Your Glow On, Pus Vitamin D Throughout The Year

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Boost your mood, reduce cellulite and even make your skin look younger with a tan, visit your nearest Denver Tanning Salon.

Lux Spa and Lash Bar
When you stop by Lux Spa and Lash Bar, your skin will look healthier, rejuvenated and darker with a St. Tropez airbrush tan. You pick the level of shade you need and it’s set. No need to worry about damaging or drying your skin, a St. Tropez airbrush tan keeps your skin hydrated. Make sure you exfoliate before your appointment to get the best results. It is recommended to wait at least 4 hours before showering. To keep your airbrush, you’ll want to take advantage of their deal of unlimited monthly spray tans for only $59!

Darque Tan

If you are new to tanning and want to get the best results head to Darque Tan. Choose from different levels beds to achieve the desired level of darkness. Make sure to get a tanning lotion to accelerate your results. Choose from bronzing, tingle or natural based lotions. Get a lotion for your body and one for your face. Don’t get a tingle lotion for your face, or you’ll peel and burn!
Get a quick glow and go sunless, choose from a VersaSpa or Mystic Tan tanning booth. Don’t worry you won’t turn orange, these professional tanning booth will get you a natural looking tan. Don’t think too much and give Darque Tan a try.

5280 Sunless Tan
Get the perfect tan with a sunless tan at 5280 Sunless Tan. No matter the occasion –special or not, you’ll look gorgeously dark. 5280 Sunless Tan is committed to exceptional customer service from start to finish. And only the highest quality products are used to customize your sunless tan. Count on getting a natural sunless tan to boost your confidence and feel sexy. Friendly, attentive staff will make you look flawless. Choose from one, three, five or unlimited sessions; or opt for an at-home session.
Get your tan on year round and visit your closest Denver tanning salon. Whether you opt for sunless or tanning bed tan you’ll look great.

Essential Items for Warmer Weather

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There are plenty of fun outdoor activities to enjoy when the weather is warm. If you are going to be spending time outside this summer, then you want to make sure that you have the items you need to stay comfortable. Here are some items to be sure to pack for a weekend at the lake or an evening at a music festival.

Stay Hydrated

Many people become dehydrated after staying outside for extended periods of time. You want to be sure to take a water bottle with you when you are out in the summer heat. Try to drink a bottle of water at least every couple of hours to stay hydrated. You may want to get a collapsible bottle of water that is easy to store in a backpack when it is empty. If you are visiting an amusement park, be sure to make sure that you are allowed to bring in your own water bottle prior to your visit.

Choose Comfortable Shoes
If you are going to be hiking or walking a long distance, then you will want to be careful to wear comfortable shoes. Sandals may become uncomfortable after a while. Athletic shoes may be your best option for outdoor events, such as music festivals or amusement parks. Sandals may be better for activities at the lake or at a water park.

Remember Sunscreen

You will also want to be sure to protect yourself from the sun when you spend time outdoors. If you are prone to sunburns, then be sure to use extra caution and wear a hat. You should apply sunscreen every few hours to prevent your skin from becoming burned. Be sure to use waterproof sunscreen if you are tubing or swimming. Sunglasses, such as these recycled skateboard wood sunglasses, can be attractive and purposeful.

When your outdoor adventure is over, you will be glad that you spent a little time planning ahead. Not having a sunburn will help you return to your routine more easily. Having these essential items with you will help make your outdoor activities even more enjoyable.