Saving Money on Top Fashions Without Blowing the Bank

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Spring time is great for a number of reasons. We can finally start bringing out the patio furniture, firing up the grill, dusting off the lawn games and having get togethers again. Some may be casual, other may be formal, but regardless, you’re going to need to do some spring shopping… and this year don’t worry about busting your bank account because we have some great money saving tips and tricks for you.

Shopping Sales is one of the most common and easiest ways to save money this spring. It’s like the retailers are just baiting us to shop after a slow period following the holiday rush. Regardless here’s where you will find the best sales.
Malls: You local mega mall with all of your favorite stores is sure to be running a sale at just about every one of them. If you like taking the time to sort through all the sale items, spending a shopping day at the mall might be up your alley.
Outlets: Shopping at outlet stores is like shopping at a full time sale so shopping during an actual sale is like double dipping on the savings!
Online: Online retailers run huge sales because they don’t get the same foot traffic as the stores in malls. However, since they need to attract more people they will often offer larger discounts and free shipping to offset the costs for you.

Buying Second Hand
People have a negative image of second hand because all they can think about is donated clothes that nobody else wanted. However, there’s an entire industry of selling slightly used, yet too valuable to donate goods.
You can start by check on eBay for designer stuff like sneakers or name brand handbags, sunglasses, etc. Before you buy anything on eBay, always check the seller rating so that you know it is legit, and not a scam.
Aside from eBay and other online auction sites, there are plenty of local consignment or secondhand shops. These are for profit businesses that offer to buy still valuable clothes from people who bought them and hardly ever (or never) wore them. A lot of them still have the original tags on them. You can sometimes find things like Ugg Boots or slippers, designer jeans, and never worn shoes in these types of stores.