4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Injured Pet

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When your pet gets hurt, it can feel like your very own body is hurt. The good news is that you can speed up Fluffy’s recovery process by taking good care of him and showing him lots of love. If you find yourself having to deal with an injured pet, here are just four tips for getting through their convalescence.

1. Don’t Smother Them
It’s fine to give them attention when they want it. In fact, skin-to-fur contact can be quite soothing after a traumatic event, so if your kitty wants to cuddle after she’s been hurt, go ahead and indulge her. Just don’t force it. If she wants to lick her wounds in peace, it’s not a reflection on you or your care; it’s just how animals work.

2. Buy the Right Supplies
Maybe you need a dog leg brace. Maybe you want a cone of shame for your cat. It’s better to buy it all at once instead of spreading your purchases around; not only will it be more convenient, but it will also mean less time away from the injured pet who needs you. If you don’t want to leave them at all, you can even order pet medical supplies online. They’ll be delivered straight to your door.

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3. Expect Behavioral Problems
No matter how domesticated the animal, injuries will take them right back to a primitive state where pain and fear dominate their instincts and responses. Try not to take it personally if they lash out at you or engage in behaviors that they know to be forbidden. They’re just expressing their crankiness in the only way that they know how.

4. Spoil Them Judiciously

“Judiciously” means “with good judgement.” It doesn’t mean stuffing your dog with so many treats that he forgets about the rules of the house or the training that you spent so long drilling into his head. While it’s fine to toss him a few extra jerky strips for his pain and suffering, you don’t want to undo the hard work that you’ve put into housebreaking him.

These are just a few tips for showing some love and attention to an injured pet. It doesn’t matter if they’ve sprained a muscle or gotten a thorn stuck in their paw; the most important thing is that you’re there for them with lots of cuddles, treats and affection.