Coffee Travel Mug 16oz Insulated

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If you are looking for a durable travel coffee mug, you should get this Stylish Stainless Steel with Unique Splash Proof Snap on Lid with Cool Slide Lock Feature on for only $19.95.

– Tight Snap-on lid that will not come off even if you accidentally knock the cup over.
– The slide lock on the lid is not “leak proof” but will not allow liquid to splash around when locked even when walking with the mug.
– When the slide lock is open the opening in the cover is designed so as to prevent a geyser of hot liquid from pouring out onto your lips when drinking.

Preparing for Nautical Fun with the Right Supplies on Board

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Boating involves more than just owning a boat and knowing how to steer it. You also must have the right equipment and supplies on board if you want to be safe and have fun. Whether you are new to boating or an experienced sailor, you can benefit by taking inventory of what supplies you have on hand and what ones you need to stock up on before you head out onto the open waters. When you use the Internet to guide you in this supply and equipment check, you can find more necessities and gear that will allow you to be safe and also enjoy your time away from shore.

As with driving a car, you are advised to ensure that your boat is in good operating condition before sailing it out of the marina. Because you can never know when your boat might break down, you could benefit by having replacement and repair parts on board with you. If your boat blows a fuse or needs a filter replaced, you can have this gear on hand and make the repairs quickly. You can find repair and replacement parts by shopping online.

Likewise, you also may be required by your insurer and local laws to have certain safety equipment on board with you. For example, it is the law that everyone on board have a life jacket in case your vessel capsizes. You can find life jackets and other safety gear like flares when you shop online. Other safety items to invest in include a fire extinguisher to put out fires, as well as a first aid kit to take care of minor injuries and illnesses. Having a healthy stock of batteries and chargers on hand also can be important when you want to know that your communication equipment will work at all times.

Some of the other necessities that get overlooked sometimes include fresh water and snacks. Even the best planned sailing excursion can be prolonged if you have to call the Coast Guard for help. When you have snacks and water on board, you can keep everyone hydrated and their appetites appeased while you await help to arrive. When you shop online, you can find snacks like healthy trail mixes, as well as energy drinks that you can stock up on and keep in your boat for emergencies.