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    My Life and My Journey Online
    My Daily Notes
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    Table for Five
    I Heart Them All
    Kayce’s Online Diary

    Sibuyas Republic
    Uncharmed Life

    Cacai’s Steps and Journey
    Cacai M.’s Place
    Thoughts, Ideas and Resources
    My Journey Being a Mommy

    Daily Snippets
    Mouth’s Delight
    Bitz ‘n Pieces of My Life
    Beauty, Fashions, & Finds
    Travels and Explorations
    Musings of Life
    Fun and Entertainment
    My Little Life
    Celebrity Corner
    Life in Transition
    Shopaholic Chronicles
    Food and Drinks Journey

    Blogging Make Easy
    E! Fashion Talk
    Family & Life Online
    Food & Drink Fusion
    In Pursuit Of Success
    J&J Milestones and Adventures
    Life Mix
    Oh! GoSh Goodies
    Pinay SAHM
    Simple Happy Life
    Shy’s Mixed Thoughts
    Sweet Life
    Teacher Momma
    Worth’s World

    Tsang Sisters
    @ Shoe Travel
    Vantage Point In Life
    Sissy’s Pastime
    Shahz Musing
    Loue’s Journal

    teJan’s Nest
    Lara Angelikka
    Chapters of my Life
    Me and My Mestizas

    Some Things Are Free
    Woman’s Elan Vital
    On This Side of Town
    Petty Things In Life
    Anything Davao

    My Daily Mumbles
    My Little Home
    Mary Anne’s Musings
    Little World of Fun

    Chuchie’s Hideaway
    Scrap Collection
    The Three Chies
    Unmasked Thoughts
    Chie’s Camera Works
    A Wife’s Online Abode

    Viva Pinay
    Corsame Lane
    House of Maria
    Pinay Green Mommy
    Viva Trips & Tips
    Foto Loco
    Drama of Life

    Mami Kat
    Mom’s Place
    Mom’s Wish Lists
    Lifestyle & Homemaking

    My Comfort Zone
    Unwritten Chronicles

    Beauty and the Best
    Celeste Luna “My Journey”
    Celeste Luna “My Life”
    I Love/Hate America
    Kids E-Connection

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