L.L. Bean Coupons & Promo Codes

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Live the outdoors, go on an adventurous trail and find all you need at L L.Bean.

If you prefer to go boating, get ready and go for Comfort Boat Shoes. These shoes don’t miss a detail of an original boat shoes. Made with comfort features and materials to set them apart from the rest. Don’t pay more for boat shoes and go for L.L. Bean’s boat shoes priced at the right price. Wear them with socks or go sockless. These shoes provide great arch support for lengthy walking trails.

Complete the look for your boating trip with perfect fit Classic Fit jeans.Simple, well designed and comfortable to wear every day. These jeans maintain their original wash and fit, even after many washes. If you are looking for quality materials and comfortable jeans, L.L.Bean has you covered.

Go Scotch, get exploring the outdoors and opt for a great looking pattern Scotch plaid flannel shirt in a traditional fit. Great for when the weather cools down in the sea, it’ll keep you warm. Very light, comfortable and full of color. Wear this roomy plaid flannel shirt inside jeans or untucked, the choice is yours. Available in regular or tall and priced at an affordable price.

For the unexpected weather change, get an Ultralight 850 Down Jacket. A versatile jacket that is wind-resistant and water-repellant. Whether you’re hiking or taking a long trail, you can count on this light jacket to keep you warm. Plenty of pockets, including internal pockets and a stowaway pocket that turns to a stuff sack. Move and continue on with your trail or hiking adventure with this multipurpose jacket.

Embark on your journey fully prepared, go for top of the line, and take all you need for your hiking trail with a L.L.Bean Waxed-Canvas Continental Rucksack. Move freely in this comfortable bag as you get closer to the finish point. Made from quality, strong materials to get you through your trail.

Have an adventurous outdoors experience and find the appropriate shoes, clothes and bags at L.L.Bean.

Important Tips to Keep Your Home Secure from Intruders

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Many people are not always prepared when their home is broken into as intruders enter the property and attempt to steal valuables. Although it can be easy to have fear of a break-in, you can remain confident with the rights steps taken. To ensure that you protect your family and thwart an attack, there are a few important tips to follow.

Get to a Safe Place
Make it a point to find a safe place to hide if you hear someone enter the home. You’ll need to listen to see if there’s more than one intruder. You should have a solid wood door installed with a lock to ensure that you have more time to call the police and grab a weapon. You can also hide in a closet or underneath a bed if you’re limited on time and need a safe place to call the police.

Use a Firearm
Each person has a right to use a firearm in their home if an intruder breaks it, making it important to have a gun that is loaded and easy to access at all times. If children are present in the home, keep it in a locked safe and inform your spouse of the code. Have 6.5 grendel magazines available to ensure that you can defend yourself if needed. Practice shooting at a fire range ahead of time to become more comfortable using the gun.

Place Extra Weapons in Each Room

You’ll need to have different types of weapons available if you can’t get to your gun in time. Keep a baseball bat under a bed or near a bedroom door. Pepper spray can also be used as you attempt to escape the home and will affect the intruder for up to 45 minutes.

Keep a Charged Phone on Hand
Have an extra phone available to use to call the police if you’re trapped inside of the home. Keep an emergency phone inside of a nightstand or dresser and have it fully charged. The device should be turned on at all times to ensure that you can make a phone call as quickly as possible.

It can be difficult to act quickly during a home invasion, but there are several steps to take to reduce your risk of becoming a victim. With the right weapons used, you can threaten the intruder and protect yourself if you feel like your life is at risk.